Who Wants To Marry My Dad?
Don Mueller and his family were selected to appear in an NBC reality series
Who Wants to Marry my Dad.? The series began on Monday, July 14, 2003 and ran through August 11th of 2003.

The series started with 12 women in their 30's and 40's who were selected by the kids as likely prospects. All were brought together in a Los Angeles area mansion. The "contestants" included ladies from all backgrounds full time moms, nurses, budding entrepreneur's, and a former Miss USA.

Each episode forced the kids and Don to learn more about each of these women and to choose some of them to go. Saying good-bye was never easy.

The show was a spin off of the previous reality series "Meet My Folks" where the parents got a chance to select which suitor was the best for their child. This series turned this idea on its head and had a single father's children selecting a woman to marry their dad.

The show was one of the most popular shows that summer with 11 million viewers watching the series finale. In the end, the kids chose Christena Ferran of San Diego over 1986 former Miss USA Christy Fichtner. But, due to the nature of how television shows are produced and aired, months passed where Don and Christina were not allowed to meet or talk in public. Don and Christena did get to meet for a secret three-day Mexican Holiday on July 14th; and, they've met since then as well on NBC's Today show and in New York and California. Living 2400 miles apart with family and business obligations makes a long distance relationship nearly impossible. Don and Christena, will always remain friends.

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