Don Mueller
At age 22, Don started his own business publishing maps; and he has never looked back.

Don's company, Mass Marketing, Inc. employs approximately 120 people in the Fairfield, Ohio area and across the country. They publish maps for small businesses and over 2000 communities and organizations across the United States. They also provide custom maps and maps sold under third party brands. The next map you buy might have been published by Mass Marketing!

Don plays golf in his free time, attends shows at Music Hall (Cincinnati's Symphony Hall) and the Aronoff Center (Cincinnati's world class theater center).

Don is an active sponsor and supporter of many charitable causes, and so his appearance on Who Wants to Marry My Dad gave him the unique opportunity to bring attention to them through fund-raising. He's raised tens of thousands of dollars for the LAM foundation by gathering hundreds of friends at the Paul Brown Stadium to view the final show, It was quite a special event.

Don is a devout Christian. All of the children attended christian school through their graduation. Anyone who knows Don also knows that he shows his faith by his soft spoken nature, tolerance, and commitment to sharing his successes with others who are less fortunate.

Don has been divorced for 18 years. He has a great relationship with his ex-wife, Pamela and her husband Jeff.

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